LAB Testing


Rejuvenator has a long history of limited use in the asphalt roofing industry. Initial use was limited to conventional hot-mopped built-up-roofs. Over the years, there have been attempts to restore/maintain rejuvenated asphalt shingle roofs. 

In the most recent times, asphalt rejuvenation has gained national focus in the paving industry. In response to the enhanced focus, a number of new technologies have been introduced. Some of these products are advancing the rejuvenation/restoration technologies and are hypothesized to exhibit efficacy in the asphalt roofing industry. 


Perform and assess selected screening evaluation to provide insight on Bio-Based Roof Shingle Treatment System. 


Based on a Spray Application Rate of 1 gal/125 ft.2, followed by a five (5) day ‘cure’ period on aged shingles provided. 

  1. Flexibility 23°C was improved (from a Failure to pass). 

  2. Granular Adhesion was improved significantly from a granular loss of 1.11 g to a loss after treatment of 0.15 g, an 86% improvement. 

  3. Hail Impact was slightly improved after treatment. The improvement 6.6%, was minimized by the type of shingle evaluated – organic felt based. The data suggests Hail Impact would have a greater improvement on FG mat-based shingles. 

  4. Fire Resistance ‘UL Speed of Flame:’ The treated shingles exhibited a flame spread of 86 in2 vs. the untreated shingles exhibiting a 144 in2 spread. 60% better than the untreated shingles, this was unexpected. 

*Full report available upon request.

The testing below is the same product that has been used to rejuvenate asphalt roads and parking lots for over 14 years, we have simply adapted it for asphalt shingle rejuvenation. 

Asphalt Pavement Rejuvenator

Product Description:    

An asphalt pavement fog seal rejuvenator application that brings oils to aid in an asphalt pavements flexibility and leave a seal from further oxidation with a polymer coating. We have laboratory testing showing these benefits through a five year aging simulation.






Product Categories    

[68%] – Asphalt Restorers 

Found in Catalog    

Minor Construction > Paving and Concrete Forming > Asphalt Restorers 

Bio-based Content    Certified 95%

Product Application

Best used on new asphalt pavements to prevent the oxidation elements(water and UV)

Adds oils to give pavement more flexibility 

Brings a polymer coating to retard future oxidation

Reduces age hardening

Unique Feature: Cures in 20 to 30 minutes depending on weather conditions

No sanding as material penetrates deep with little effect on friction

Clear and does not effect pavement markings

100% agricultural oils

30% soybean

No harmful runoff

Polymer enhanced for a tougher pavement

Test data shows a 20% + improved asphalt penetration and viscosity value as well as a stabilized Marshall Stability over 5 years

Industry Standards    

ASTM D6400 

ASTM D-6433-03 

ASTM E-965